About me

Hello there and welcome on my portfolio, my name is Gé Custers. I was born in the Netherlands in 1999. Currently I am following the Communication and Multimedia Design course at the HAN University of Applied Sciences. My area of ​​expertise is Experience Design. That is also why I love to build stuff to give people the most awesome experience they can imagine. In my spare time I work as a barista in a coffee shop. I also do all the IT things for this shop, for example their website.

I hope I can give you a little insight in the things I do on this website. If you have any questions of if you just want to talk to me about something feel free to contact me.

TEL: 06 48678627

MAIL: gemeerlo@gmail.com


Graphic Design

The first course I followed was the Graphic Design course. In this course we were instructed on how to create our very own magazine. This was also my first time I ever touched the Adobe software helped me to create the magazine. I instantly fell in love with it! If you click the button below you can see my magazine with your own eyes. 


At the end of my first year we were given the opportunity to learn animation. Not only did we learn how to animate but we also learned how to write stories and the theory behind them. In this animation course they also taught us how we could implement variables so we could make the story more interesting. In my second year I also made some interactive animations. Clicking the button below will send you to the page where you can find those animations.

Project: Natuurcentrum Arnhem

In the end of my first year me and my schoolmates worked on a project where we were tasked to create a digital application that would stimulate a change in there behavior. We made an app for a nature center in Arnhem.

To stimulate behavioral change  we made it so the kids could play but also learn in the meantime. By using the application the kids will learn more about the nature they play in and learn about their role on this planet.


Project: Indoor Navigation Albert Heijn


In one of my school projects we had the task to create a way for blind people to do their groceries in a more user friendly way. In this project we designed and developed a Swift application that will help visually disabled people. The application helps them navigate through the shop to the location of the desired item. The blind people can navigate through the store by poining their camera to the ground. The camera automatically scans the QR codes on the intersections and points them in the right direction by voice.


Project: Serious game, Watch & Learn


SEGA also known as Serious Game Design. A project where me and my team were tasked to create a seriouse game. The serious game had to give PE teacher students the opportunity to study and interact with kids without actually being in a gym. We made this possible by creating a serious game where you need to react to the behaviour and the surroundings of the kids. interested? Click the button below to play the game! (this is only a prototype so dont expect a full functioning game)


Minor: Beyond The Hype



In my minor my colleague students and me worked on a Virtual Reality tool to redesign existing roads. We made it possible to load GEO data (distributed by the Dutch government) into a Unity project to create a 3D enviourment. In this environment it is possible to cycle around. We combined a bycicle and some VR goggles so your expierience the VR world as real as possible. In this Unity project it is possible to adjust roads or traffic lights. By changing these the traffic also changes. The province is able to study the behaviour of the traffic users using this application. By using this application they will be able to test their ideas before constructing or adjusting a real road.


Graduation: VR solution to inform people about spatial changes in their surroundings 



For my graduation project, I worked towards a solution th inform people about spatial changes in their surroundings. I did this for Gemeente Arnhem. Gemeente Arnhem is a big municipality that wants to inform its citizens as early as possible when building or changing new environments. In this project, I looked into the possibilities that VR has to help tackle this. The result is a solution that contains 2 types of VR and a house-to-house letter from the municipality.


Some of my projects have reaced the media! You can read the articles the wrote about the projects here! 

One of the articles doesn’t allow embedding, so click here to visit the page of the article!

Websites I made

 In my spare time I like to design and develop wordpress powered website. I will prepare the servers as well as the website design.


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